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I have always been involved in one side hustle or the other for as far back as I can remember.

Growing up my sister and I would mix Garri and sugar, pour a portion in a transparent nylon and sell to fellow kids in the area…we were mostly banned from leaving our compound by the parents so we would invite the kids into our compound after school and of course before my mom got back from work. Another source of income was making paper purse and selling these at school. Funny enough, I cannot remember what I ever used the money for, a probability is that I gave my mom to keep and she never returned it…of course under the guise of saving it for your future.

I sold clothes at the tail end of my university years and into law school. I would go to Simi’s (my supplier) house to select clothes she had just shipped into the country and resell to friends, family, and classmates. In law school, I would carry my bag of clothes and go from one room to another, I was incredibly shy at the time but somehow, I survived. I remember I used to go with one friend or the other that knew how to talk very well. hahaha. I gave up this line of business due to debtors (awon onigbese).

When I started working in 2013, I switched to selling shoes I ordered from ASOS, a dollar was still N150 at the time, so it was good business, I would advertise on my Bbm and sell to friends and colleagues, I also shopped all manner of household and clothing items to sell on Konga, hahaha good ol days. Anyways the exchange rate became ridiculous and so I stopped my mini importation and stopped selling temporarily.

I travelled to Dubai in March 2016, bought some fashion items to sell in Lagos. As soon as I landed a friend told me Unilag was organizing a trade fair and I could sell my items there. Next day I was off to Unilag with my big box filled with my goods. I met with one of the organizers, paid him and he arranged space for me. I was in between jobs at the time, so for a full week I would set up in Unilag to sell shoes, bags and all sorts. I didn’t sell everything but at least I sold a few. One of the organizers ended up duping me sha o. I told him I wanted a shop space in Unilag, paid him and guy made away with my 30k deposit. I have always claimed nobody could dupe me in Lagos but little did I know. I traced his address o but I let it go.

Anyways, over the years I’ve dabbled in selling many other things; hampers, personal shopper, sold small chops and jewelry, hustling eko market upandan but of course alongside my legal practice which has remained constant.

Currently, I run an accessories store on Instagram, seeing as business are going digital,  I sell photo and video support accessories such as tripods, phone stands, ring lights, Lights generally, microphone, potted plants and background stands for individuals, workers and businesses that need good lighting, good sound, beautiful ambiance in their videos and photos, so please come and patronize me @photovideoaccessories on Instagram.

Did I mention that I write as well? I always get “Titi, I need your help to write one plenty story like that” or “help me edit this story” and all sorts and I get paid for it.

My focus is however my legal practice and all these hustles are to pay bills, keep body and soul together and do babygirl. I also personally think its imperative to have more than one source of income or at least send your money to work for you by investing it. O necesstry!

After all one thing the wealthy have in common is their multiple streams of income.


What’s your side hustle?




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I am Titilola Edu Peperempe God, a Lawyer, freelance writer, a rice & stew enthusiast. I am passionate about God, growth and money (please don’t blame me). Sometimes I feel like I am the next best thing since slice bread, other times I know it.

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