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Looking for your greater purpose in life? We found it for you

I read a story on Instagram about a sad billionaire that had accumulated so much wealth he did not know what to do with it. He had granted an interview to a young journalist and expressed his disappointment about his current state, he had all the things money could buy but he still felt empty deep inside. He was dissatisfied with his life.

Have you ever wondered what your purpose on earth is?

I have always given this serious thought and recently and the more I meditate and reflect on this the more I am convinced it is the first step towards a meaningful life. I strongly believe we were called to serve others, living for self alone is selfish and does not reflect the true essence of who God is and what his mandate is for us.

Robin Sharma in his book, The Monk who sold his Ferrari said “…when all is said and done, no matter what you have achieved, no matter how many summer homes you own, no matter how many cars sit in your driveway, the quality of your life will come down to the quality of your contribution”.

Everyone of us has a role to play in this planet, we need to start seeing ourselves not just as individuals but as a part of the collective.

The noblest things we can do is to give ourselves to others by performing several acts of selflessness, by giving our time, ourselves and resources to those around us and this is the commitment The Destiny Trust Children’s Foundation has made over the years. They have consistently prioritized the welfare of street children by ensuring they are educated, fed and sheltered and that had not changed even in this trying times. The Pandemic and lock-down has caused untold hardship for many low income earners and The Destiny Trust is bridging that gap by feeding children of low income earners in slums and the likes.

I think its time to shed our self consciousness and focus on a higher purpose this period by giving more of our time, energy and other resources towards bettering the life of others.

According to Robin Sharma, “To cultivate sacredness and sanctity of each day, serve others in some way”.

The Destiny Trust is a great place to start from, you can make donations to

GTB, 0124940702, 

The Destiny Trust Children Foundation.

For enquiries, contact the numbers below.

Phone No: +2348034651702, +2348055163786, +2348095825538,
Location: TDT Centre, 6, Brilla F.M Road, Off Bola Tinubu Road, Bogije Town, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos

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About the author

I am Titilola Edu Peperempe God, a Lawyer, freelance writer, a rice & stew enthusiast. I am passionate about God, growth and money (please don’t blame me). Sometimes I feel like I am the next best thing since slice bread, other times I know it.

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