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What if my background was different?

What if I was from a different home?
What if I had gone to the coolest schools?
What if I was white?
What if I was born with a silver spoon or better still a golden one?
What if my father was Dangote abi Otedola?
And my mother; Oprah Winfrey?
What if we had a steward named Jeffrey?
And a dog called Sam?
What if my sister were Beyoncé?
My brother’s the Jackson five?
I would be a Jackson too?

I smiled at the thought; being a blood relation to Michael Jackson held so much appeal.

I sat by the window sill in my hotel room staring into the distance with my rumpled bed behind me, a half empty cup of coffee sat amidst a pile of junk and empty cans of Orijin. The mess I had made of my half eaten croissant reflected my mood, the weather was not helping either as it was cold and breezy, it was obvious a storm would hit soon. I had a meeting in thirty minutes with a client but I was not bothered, too much Orijin I concluded with a resigned shake of my head.

Slowly my thoughts eased back to my background as I looked back on my life… Would I have turned out differently if I had been born into a wealthy home?

Would I have hustled so hard to make it in life and own all I now have?

Or I would have sat back, relaxed and enjoyed my father’s wealth or is that a sin?

How will my children turn out? Will they hustle like I did or enjoy my wealth till it runs out? A faint smile betrays my guilt, who wouldn’t want to have it easy anyways? Yes it is fulfilling to look back and be proud for making something out of nothing but if given a chance, I definitely would have chosen the easier way out. “Prinnng Pringgg”, goes my phone, drawing me out of my reverie. Its Kasali my driver announcing his readiness as I rush to slap cold water on my face, donned my suit  and strolled to my Ferarri, hustle mode fully activated,  after all I still needed to pave that easy way for my unborn children.

I first published this post in 2014, find below a friend, Eke’s comment.

“Beautiful piece- as always.
As much as I love to blame nature for my present condition, deep down I think life is a script and we just act it out. Doesn’t matter your background or whatnot. Have you noticed that some people get things easily – naturally, and some others have to put in their sweat and blood to get same or less? Like exams too.. some people pass and even though you don’t say it, you feel they don’t deserve it. Yep. Their script has it that they passed.#gbam.

In my humble opinion, the only Valid “What if” is “What if I wasn’t born at all”.
As long as you are here, you shall act accordingly to the script handed you by the producer.





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I am Titilola Edu Peperempe God, a Lawyer, freelance writer, a rice & stew enthusiast. I am passionate about God, growth and money (please don’t blame me). Sometimes I feel like I am the next best thing since slice bread, other times I know it.

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